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How To Make The Sunlife Organics Wolverine Smoothie

How To Make The Sunlife Organics Wolverine Smoothie

Naturally being an ~LA gurl~ from the Valley, I am obsessed with Sunlife Organics! One of my favorite items off of the menu is the Wolverine smoothie which is absolutely delicious, a great meal replacement, and nutrient dense. This smoothie is packed with lots of superfoods and will have you feeling full and energized throughout the day.

 Now that I live in South Central (#FightOn), I don't always feel like sitting in LA traffic for two hours to go all the way to Calabasas, the 'Bu, or one of the other current Sunlife Organics locations. After a little grocery shopping and some research I am now able to make one of my fave smoothies right at home! I've found it is a lot cheaper to buy the majority of the ingredients online so click each of the ingredients underlined to be linked.

How To Make The Sunlife Organics Wolverine Smoothie Recipe on Wish--Bone A Lifestyle BLog by Jacinda Heintz 


1 frozen banana

2 pitted dates

1 cup of ice cubes

1/2 teapsoon of Royal Jelly

3 tablespoons of Creamy Almond Butter (I like to keep mine in the fridge so it has a thicker consistency)

Blend all of the ingredients until smooth, enjoy!


The superfood Maca powder in this smoothie helps in balancing hormones for both males and females and also serves as a great source of energy.  It also fights against acne, aids in sleep and stress-management, and strengthens hair and nails. 

The cacao nibs in this smoothie are a strong source of Magnesium, Antioxidants, Fiber, and Potassium and can also improve your mood. 

Royal jelly boosts your immune system,  contains probiotics, and increases collagen levels for amazing skin. 

Bee pollen is a natural energy booster, can help treat seasonal allergies, boost your immune system, and in preventing cravings. 

Hope you enjoy this recipe and all the health benefits!